Link Building Strategies 2018: 10 Techniques that Really Works

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​Link Building 2018: Learn 10 Crucial ​Strategies to Drive Quality Traffic.

With the new updates now and then from Google, this is absolutely scaring the bloggers and SEO gurus, and white hat link building techniques are becoming more of a concern and practical approach compared to black hat link building.

high quality backlinks

Link Building 2018

Well, as per some so called bloggers, link building is dead because they feel that content is king and not backlinks.

We do agree, content is king, but backlinks are necessary soldiers to fight in a battle field.

There has been a lot of discussions going on these days just centered around content and On-Page SEO hacks and content saying: “We can rank along with high-quality content.”

Be that as it may, do they truly know everything about Google’s algorithm?

link building

link building 3028

Watch Whiteboard Friday video for its confirmation:-

Nobody knows, but without links, it’s just not possible to hit medium to high competitive niches.

Backlinks are needed as much as good content since Google affirmed that backlinks are the #1 positioning deciding factor, ranking without links is actually hard, and why might anybody attempt to rank without backlinks in any case?

Google thinks about backlinks more than anything, thus should you.

What are you going to learn from this post?

1. How to request for backlinks from other bloggers?

2. How to build white hat backlinks yourself?

3. How to approach other bloggers for a guest post?

4. How to transform your mentions from other blogs into backlinks

5. Building backlinks using Google dorks

6. How to spy on your competitors new and best backlinks

7. Getting edu and gov backlinks by scholarship programs

8. How to get quality backlinks by Infographics

9. Gaining backlinks by detailed reports and case studies.

10. Connecting yourself with the network of bloggers.

1. Request backlinks from reporting broken links.

This is the conventional approach, to begin with building backlinks, particularly if you are an amateur blogger or a beginner.

This method is named by Brian dean as “the moving man method”, where you will start hunting for high DA/PA pages where links are broken and approach them to provide backlink replacing it with your link. You can use many tools  to check broken links.

However, you should be careful and ensure that the backlink you are getting from is a site that is related to your niche, else, it won’t have excessively affect ranking and even may be unsafe for your site in search engine page rankings.

And using this moving man method Brian Dean ranked for few tough competitive keywords like “Backlinks” and “Free backlinks”.

This method can be used effectively if you are having great content and creative writing style.

2. Build links yourself

For a good ranking, you have to build great links. There are a lot of ways to create new links. You should begin with groups related to your niche.

Create high quality backlinks

Create high quality backlinks

3. Art of guest posting

Many sites and blogs accept guest posts. Before you approach them, you should ensure that:

Write Guest Post for SEOFREETIPS

The site or blog is significantly related to your niche;

The article is NOT about how awesome you are/your site is;

You have a good quality article which is well composed, proficient, and informative for readers;

You should keep in mind that a poor article can bring awful notoriety to your reputation.

4. Transform your site mentions into backlinks

This is presumably one of the most straightforward approaches to increase some new backlinks. Some person as of now wrote something about you or your site.

They specified your image or item, yet they have not linked back to your site. In the circumstances like these, it is generally enough to contact the

Name Mention but no backlink

Name Mention but no backlink

website admin and request him to link back politely. In most of the cases, they would be happy to link back.

5. Building backlinks using Google dorks:

Yes, this is not well known among blogosphere, but an effective method to build relevant backlinks and high quality hid backlinks from many authority sites.

Advanced Search Operators to build Links

Advanced Search Operators to build Links

There are numerous open doors to get backlinks on the Internet. There are many discussions, web journals and forums where you could put your website link, however, as a rule, it is not all that simple to discover them.

Regardless of whether you need to locate a good authority site or a regular blog where you can get a backlink – the SERP Research Tool will help you. SERP research tool can get the job done. Google dorks can able you to locate the best links from the internet.

Example of Google dorks:

inurl:write-for-us + life insurance schedules

inurl:submission-rules + life insurance

insurance +guestpost +policies

Insurance +long term

Steps to build links from using Google dorks:

1. Enter any of the Google dorks we listed above in search bar of Google.

2. It will directly list out all the high authority backlinks which are looking for!

3. If you first dork in this list, you can see the sites which accept the guest post which is related to the niche life insurance schedules.

6. Know about your competitor’s new backlinks by spying

You can always spy on your competitors by using many tools like ahrefs and SEMrush, using these tools you can steal the quality backlinks from your rivals for free of cost.

contant gap

content gap

All you need to do is to, get the subscription of ahref or SEMrush and enter your competitors URL, it will list all the backlinks of your competitor, and you can choose as per your list or by sorting from the quality of backlink with the ahref score.

There is also one more tool called Link Alerts, which is a tool made to let you know about your new backlinks, in any case, whenever someone links you back, you will get a notification, and it will also enable you to find some new backlink opportunities using tools inside it.

The best thing about Link Alerts is that you can set it up to send you email notifications with new backlinks.

It resembles Google Alerts, but only for backlinks. This will enable you to differentiate between negative SEO assaults immediately.

In case if someone is using Senuke or GSA blaster from bad links, you can just disavow them from google web masters.

If there is any possibility of bad links, you can respond promptly, and these alerts shield your site from being hit by a Google Penalty.

7. How to attract Edu backlinks by doing scholarship programs.

.gov and .edu links always pass a great deal of Trust, yet they are likewise difficult to get. Here’s an incredible case study of HOTH.

A campaign called “The HOTH SEO Scholarship Program” awarding a scholarship to undergraduates in the United States who writes on a topic related to “How Companies Can Take Advantage of Digital Marketing.”

Later they approached the online University Blogs and magazines to feature the scholarship program. And HOTH started receiving the high authority links.

After a having look at their backlink profile, we see that they effectively earned a great deal of .edu links. A brilliant link building technique if you can manage the cost of it which apparently requires few hundred bucks.

8. Attract high authority backlinks with Infographics

You can submit the infographic created by you for many infographic submission sites, and if your creativity gets enough attention, it will end up getting many high-quality backlinks for free of cost when other bloggers use your infographics in their blog posts.

While creating infographics keep these things in the mind.

Make it as creative and attractive as possible.

Include the data and be precise.

Always choose the concept of an infographic for the larger audience.

After some duration, you will start getting the link back to your site. In case of any chance that you see some website using your infographic without linking your site back, you could ask them politely to link back.


9. Research posts and case studies always rock with your audience.

In the blogosphere, case studies get a lot of attention from bloggers as well as amateurs.

Your case studies and research posts on particular topics or case studies can have a significant impact on your readers and particularly if you have been in a particular field for quite a while.

How can you make your audience stick with your blog?

Following type of posts are said to have greater interaction and engagement rate.

Research posts on a particular topic: Before publishing the post, include as many statistics as possible, it should be precise and informative to your reader.

Most of the research posts receive long term traffic and the best way to get authority.

Case studies: Who doesn’t like case studies?

Make a case study in such a way that even an amateur can implement the steps and get good results. Make it simple and give a practical approach.

Case studies are the most successful form of posts which goes viral. Making case studies on how much money you have earned or how much subscribers you have gained is usually in trend these days.

Surveys on the particular niche:

Surveys from the vast audience is typical sounds cool, and these data might be significant for some people out there.

Doing surveys and providing it for your visitors’ increases the trust value of your site and tends to increase the user engagement.

Always attempt to be the first one to expound on a particular topic or niche.

Having essential to professional knowledge in any industry can help your readers to learn, stay and connect with you. In your blog posts, always include every relevant data, test results, graphs and connect your sources by linking to high authority blogs.

Here’s a list of the number of tools we use to analyze your site backlinks:

•    Link Juice Thief: Analyses backlinks and provides data on link quality.

•    Backlink Profiler: List out all of your backlinks and monitor them

•    Link Juice Recovery Tool: Finds new link building opportunities.

•    Mass URL Analyzer: Check a large number of URL’s quality and link relevancy.

•    SERP Research Tool: Provides data on search engine page rankings and backlinks.

10. Build a healthy relationship with all bloggers and build a brand:

This is crucial. You can’t build backlinks all the time yourself. You must get some quality contextual backlinks naturally, and that adds a lot of value to your blog as well as readers.

There are many bloggers who are willing to widen their network and don’t feel shy of reaching them out and having a healthy conversation. Many bloggers are very genuine and easy to make friends with.

How to get backlinks naturally?

Well, that’s not tough, but takes a lot of dedication and effort as well as long term work.

1.    Stay active in the blogosphere and join as many Facebook groups as possible.

2.    Provide as much value as possible for the community.

3.    Instead of concentrating on multi niche, start a blog on single topic and expertise yourself.

4.    It is always good to make people remember you, so offer them links, and apparently, they will link back some day.

5.    Do lose trust from your visitors and avid readers of your blog. Trust once lost is hard to get back. Concentrate on quality of posts than the quantity of posts.


We do suggest you to begin building backlinks. But in any case, before you do that, try to do an itemized connect review, and never go with all the spammy links from the sellers and utilize tools like Ahref and SEMrush to get a real influence from Google to slither the links to your site quicker.

Always deny requests from low-quality sites for external backlinks and don’t get a backlink from sites that have a high spam score. You don’t need Google Penguin to discover them, isn’t that right?

Keep in mind that Google’s Penguin was a major update targeted towards sites with spam links and currently part of Google’s ranking calculation algorithm, so it keeps running continuously.

​You can get pushed up or pulled down in SERPs with each update, so be careful.

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