Instant Video Wizard Create Amazing, High Quality Videos in 60 Seconds


This Instant Video Wizard system allows you to convert any article into high quality video in 60 seconds

What is Instant Video Wizard

Instant Video Wizard easy create videos, when you use this tool  you will also be provided with an insane library of over 132k articles that you have to allow freely to modify and convert into videos. Hundreds among several unique specialties have a wide range of articles about them and anything you would ever need or need to utilize is inside this database.

Instant Video Wizard

Product: Instant Video Wizard

Type: Online marketing toll / software -> Video create tool

Author: Jonathan Leger

Official site:

Price: $47/month

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Instant Video Wizard with great feature and database, easy to use so useful for you doing digital marketing. You need reference more Jon online marketing tools /software and use its, if any.

Pros: Full features and big database for create videos fastly

Cons: Monthly fee

Start Free Trial in 7 days


Video Create Tool

What inside Instant Video Wizard

500 videos in 5 days

With this software, you can create hundred of videos a week, trying beta version, Jon hit goal of 500 videos whin 5 days.

Massive Content Catalog
This tool provide 485k images, 115k videos clips and more than 100k music track for you too use, all free!

Utilize one of the dozens of amazing Adobe After Effects template to add intro, outro, logo clips to your videos. 

Advance Filters & FX

Dozens of image, video & audio filters let user set correct the right tone & mood for every moment of their video.

Square Video support

Instant Video Wizard allowed user create both kinds of videos (16:9 and 1:1) for maximize their reach,  suitable on Youtube, FaceBook and other social media and friendly with mobile devices.

Intant Youtube Uploads

This tool let user uploads your videos to your Youtube channel easy and simple so useful for them to do their online business.

Create videos in 15 languages
With Instant Video Wizard, user can convert any of their videos into other languages with a few clicks. This feature let user increasing effective their work.
Instant Video Wizard
Instant Video Wizard


This is one of Jon’s online marketing tools (see all his tools and software in the end this article) that use for SEO and make money online. Many marketers use this set tool / software for their online busimess successfuly. Jon coaching people to make money online so he create few tools and software for this field. All his products are useful and get big sales, I think you too!


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