How To Profit From This Almost Untapped Market For Online Marketers

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The online marketing 'market' is getting tougher and tougher to play in. So many opportunity seekers and small business owners start promoting products to other marketers. This is of course a dead-end for lots of people. How can someone ever teach marketing when he has just started out himself?

Then there is the problem that most internet marketers lack a fundamental skill: business building. A website is not a business. A product is not a business either. A business is a growing asset that adds value via multiple products and / or services to consumers.

But there is hope. Every online marketer who has at least some experience can sell his knowledge or services to this market. A market that is essentially untapped by online marketers and where you can become a leading expert, plus earn top dollars.

I'm talking about catering your knowledge and services to offline (small) businesses. These can be local, regional or even national businesses. Just visit some sites from shops and restaurants in your area – you'll notice almost no one uses 'our' online marketing techniques.

Simple things like installing and running an auto responder and newsletter, obtaining links to a website and even advanced tactics like PPC campaigns are not used – or done very poor. And you as an online marketer got the skills and knowledge to help them – for big bucks of course!

The best way to sell your services to these people is to educate them. Show them what an auto responder is and what it can do for their business. Tell them all the different aspects of online marketing and share some of the results you (or other marketers) have achieved by using them.

By educating them you not only build a relationship with them, but also put yourself up as an expert. Once you educated them they'll remember you as the person or business to go to for online marketing advice and services. And the results of these new contacts can be amazing.

by Dave Origano

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