BlackBird – The Ultimate Amazon Business Training and Software

BlackBird – the Ultimate Tool for Amazon Business Software Reviews

Amazon’s marketplace is highly competitive so if you have to get the best tools or software and best Tactics & Sales Strategies, you will win. Aidan Booth and Steve CLayton have just release the unique product that help you to do Amazon business. It’ call BlackBird.


Product: BlackBird

Type: Online marketing Courses -> Amazon business -> Marketing tools / software

Author: Aidan Booth and Steve CLayton

Official site:

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Aidan Booth and Steve CLayton’s BlackBird program – the unique product that help you to do Amazon business. With this software and traning, you will easy, without hard word to create you own Amazon business.
Cons: + Powerful software and training
+ Easy to use
Pros: + Monthly fee.



What’s BlackBird

Video introduce

Who’s creator





What’s BlackBird

BlackBird is complete package of technology and seller training for developing your Amazon business.

Program gives you the tool to easily:

  • Track your goods, sales, review, price & ranking.
  • Search on Amazon platform for the best new opportunities.
  • Analyze monthly earning of any product on Amazon platform.
  • Spy on the competition.
  • Analyze on-page performance metrics.
  • Alert you to problems related to all your products.
  • Send emails to your customers (to generates reviews & get more sales)
  • Learn all the secrets to selling on Amazon (with 71 training videos)

Video introduce

Register for FREE Training Webinars If you are serious about progressing an FBA Business.

(There are Training Webinar for “Newbies “ &  for Advanced Strategies)


Who’s creator this program

Aidan Booth and Steve CLayton – the co-founders of  Program


BlackBird Carries Messages to Customers

BlackBird recognize when your orders are confirmed, shipped, and delivered. It automatically sends emails to your customers to reviews for your products.

The tool Delivers Constant Intelligence

BlackBird will track the performance of your Amazon account 24/24

BlackBird Looks for Open new Opportunities

Selling on Amazon brings up lots of questions, so you can get get your answer or consult BlackBird by clicking on the Opportunity Finder.

This software Watches Your Enemies carefully

BlackBird can do anythings for you, like your competitors – in a place where competition can be cut-throat, it turns you into a perfect predator.

You also can spy on your competitors – it will monitor the performance of their products in almost every way, including identifying why they may rank better than you for exact keywords.

So, your competition can’t have a leg-up on you because you’ll know what’s working for them as soon as they do.

With BlackBird Training, You will get the Best Business Tactics and Sales Strategies

One click on the Academy button gives you access to world-class training for selling on Amazon that updated regularly. You get instant access to a program’s library of videos, PDFs and webinars to coaching yourself on how to sell successfully on Amazon marketplace.

Students also get access to private mastermind webinars with the coaches so you can ask questions, interact with them live, and stay informed on the latest Amazon updates. You’ll find out all the new things them discover every month.

Direct Access to Amazon Coaches

Grab a guru is one of the features of BlackBird. With one click you can message the coaching staff and ask your Amazon marketing questions!

The support here to make sure you succeed on Amazon.

Beside, BlackBird makes managing your business easier on one dashboard.



This is Online marketing Courses that including Ultimate Tool for an Amazon Seller that you need to use on the competitive section, especial online business today.


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If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of buying this product, the Vendor will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked

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