SociLeads Review

SociLeads  Overview:

Date of launch: 12th Dec, 2015

Bonus: Yes, special and high Value Bonus

Vendor : Bryan Biernat

Price: $9.95up


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Bryan Biernat famous with product SociReview that has 300+ sales

SociLeads Review

Now, he public new hot product: SociLeads as picture below:

SociLeads Review

One  On All Major Social Networks In SociLeads

What is SociLeads?

SociLeads is a cutting edge social media lead generation software. SociLeads allow to anyone, anytime, and anywhere.  The innovative searching features that user defining both “buying” keyword as well as “product” keyword & make money from main Social Media Network as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest. With targeted leads identified, racking up quick & easy sales.

The features of SociLeads

Professional Targeted Lead

The revolutionary search way proven to uncover targeted leads. That unique way allows you to define both “buyer” and “product” keywords simultaneously and give you targeted leads.

All the buyers are on social media network and that is exactly where SociLeads search its. It scours all of the major social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest.

You only define exact keywords and keyword phrases to search its.

POWER of SociLeads for competitive advantage

Your advantage in the market is Big with SociLeads, because has several methods to use the software for your competition .

Choose targeted leads is a quality & quantity advantage putting you more sales with less work.

Find people like your products and convert these warm leads into faithful buyers. Easily find new leads you are looking for by searching people conversations about your products.

You will get with SociLeads

  • Stop to spend big money on lots of traffic that barely works
  • No hire an “SEO expert” to get organic traffic
  • Not waiting for weeks or even months before you start seeing results
  • No spend hours trying to figure out how all of these lead generation ways that are supposed to your works

Who need SociLeads?

  • Internet Marketer
  • Business man
  • Companies looking for the best solution to find targeted leads and spy on their competition.
  • People that want to spy on the market competition.
  • Who are already successfully selling online that want to cut down cost and increase quantity

Watch SociLeads Video

Price & OTO:

(This is Discount price for early launch time only)

Front End                                      OTO 1                                                 OTO 2

$9.95                                            $9.95                                                   $27

See Users and Professional say about SociLeads:

SociLeads Review

Pradeep Kumar
www.bizkoots.comSociLeads is a very easy to operate software that digs a bunch of targeted leads from Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Youtube within a matter of seconds. In my opinion, these leads are actual gold mines for affiliate marketers, CPA marketers and amazon affiliates. There is no restriction on how to use these leads for promotion. Sky is the limit for those who use SociLeads to get targeted traffic to their offers….
 Albert Ownes
www.dmunderdogs.comIf you own any type of business, online and offline, then you know that you need traffic. But you know just as well as I know, that just any old random junk traffic doesn’t do any good.If you want to actually turn your traffic into CONVERSIONS, then you need TARGETED LEADS and TARGETED TRAFFIC!Bryan’s SociLeads software does exactly that! It literally sends you targeted leads at the click of a button….

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BoxCar ReviewIf you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of buying SociLeads, the Vendor will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked



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