Make Money with TSU Social Network

Make Money with TSU

make money with tsu

Tsu is the First Social Network that share Profit (90% income form Ads of Google) from their advertising to the User. This is Co-operation between Google and Evacuation Complete which target build a Social Network that competitive with Facebook.

After open 30 days, TSU got 1 million member (Twitter 2 years, FB 10 months), Upto Aug 2015, TSU has 8+ million member and 13+ million views.

Because that, with Tsu you get money, FB and other Social Network you can not (Except you do business on its)

Also, TS Easy and Simple use as Facebook or G+ or Twitter… you can post, share, comment, join to group…

See more Newspapers said about Tsu:

What you do to get money with Tsu?

It very simple, you only:

+ Share post, images, video on your Page

+ Like / Comment others member

+ View and interactive with other user for increasing display ads

+  Build your Network: Add Friend and invite friend join Tsu

Imagine that, you wake up and turn on your computer in the morning and see on your screen:

make money with tsu

It’s OK!

How to create A/C?

It’s easy and FREE, folow steps below:

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Click Add Friend or Join

Step 3: Fill your information in fields

(Important Note: Tsu required that create account must be get referer, so on field Shortcode is Victornguyen72, you do not edit, it’s my user name)

Step 4: Complete you profile and confirm email

Step 5: Add friend, post, share … as Facebook

make money with ts

You can test your activity at Analytics, your money at Bank…

Note: For make big money, you must memory 2 keys: 

  1. View: Attract massive view on your page by post useful article, beautiful image, share on groups…
  2. Build & Open your Network by Add friend, invite others people to join Tsu (you get one part money from your member who on your Network). Imagine, you got 100 persons that sign up through your username, and one person make 0.xx$/day for you so you got xx$/day!

See picture:

make money with tsu




A invite B

B  invite C

C invite D

When D get $100, this amount will be share as below:

D     : 45%- $45

C     : $90 * 1/3 = $30

B     : $90 * 1/3 * 1/3 = $10

A     : $90 * 1/3 * 1/3 * 1/3 = $3,33

The rest for Tsu.

It’ easy, simple and logical!




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