Kindle Spy Review

Kindle Spy Overview:

Kindle Spy Review

Bonus: Yes, special and high Value Bonus

Vendor : Wesley Atkins

Price: $47up


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Kindle Spy –  KDSPY v4

The Fastest and Most Accurate Way To Identify  Bestselling Kindle Niches. Reverse Engineer The Kindle Categories In a moment To Find Next Bestselling Book Idea.

Reverse Engineer The Best-Selling Categories Only Click

Browse any category in the Amazon Kindle marketplace & in the background, Kindle Spy will ‘automatically’ reverse engineer the best sellers. If you need more information about a Kindle category, you do only click on Kindle Spy & in few seconds, you will know the landscape of the category & the potential profit you could make, along with a breakdown of each individual books performance.

Another Click Informed You Correctly What Your Next Book Topic 

When you have gathered database for a category you are interested in it, one click will informed you a word cloud that calculates all of the words which the best selling books use in the titles. What better way to choose best selling niches & get ideas for the next book than by modelling what’s already working for other kindle issued. Kindle Spy informed you all that you need that mention best Selling Books.

Test Niche Potential With Kindle Search Results Analysis 

 Once Kindle Spy spits out your next “best selling” book idea, why not run some search on Amazon around that niche & add a 2nd layer of confidence before you commit. Take search in the Amazon Kindle Store & Kindle Spy will  informed you the potential in that niche. It doesn’t get any quicker than this to research niche in the markets.

Spy On Self Issued Authors and Swipe ‘Best-Selling’ Topics

Ever wondered how much money other self issued? No more. Kindle Spy will analyse any author page & tell you in a moment all their statistics. With one click will informed you the best seller rank of all their kindle books, along with the estimated sales & revenues per month & total sales revenue for all the books combined.

Track Your Competitors Books Performance Daily 30+ Days

Need to make sure the book topic you’ve selected is a sure-fire winner? , just as a website where you’d track the effectiveness of your competitors in search engines, monitor their banner ads or their PPC advertising, with Kindle Spy, you could see on many Kindle eBooks as you’d like with this book tracking feature that pulls the Sales Rank for all your tracked books everyday & displays their rank on report.
Kindle Spy v4 Now Supports Amazon Database From:
Kindle Spy Review
Browser IntegrationLightning SpeedSingle Click Install
Kindle Spy integrates directly into your browser. You can do your research right on Amazon.Kindle Spy was painstakingly coded from the ground up to be the quickest Kindle research tools on the market. And, the database that Kindle Spy reveals is available from one click in the browser.Kindle Spy installation is so simple. In fact, it takes just one click and in few seconds, you’re done. Plus, it installs into the browser so it’s uses small disk space.

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Kindle Spy Review

Kindle Spy Review

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