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Group Marketer

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Group Marketer

About Group Marketer

Group Marketer is a desktop software for both Windows & Mac, that could mass join & mass post on schedule, and post to unlimited Facebook groups by the user who is member of these groups.

Most people are not any groups members, so it makes group posting useless for them.

And there are literally millions of groups on facebook spread among any existing niche.

And marketers on Facebook usually join a few groups, & post on them from time to time.

It is possible to do manually for small number of groups, manual posting to hundreds of groups daily is difficultly.

There are massive number of groups in any possible niche, finding more groups to join, & joining numerous new groups daily is impossible.
This is why Author created Group Marketer software.
This software allows to post to unlimited facebook groups organized into posting profiles, search and join massive number of groups daily.
Group Marketer also supports scheduling & throttling to spread the automated facebook activity over time.

Group Marketer is a desktop software, it was technically possible to create the app with internal web browser, which in turn made it possible to automate what you would naturally do in browser while on Facebook Network.

Beside, to Facebook Group Marketer software is just an active participant in Facebook social network activity.

So there is no any Facebook application needed for the software to work.

Group Marketer

The Group Marketer features

Viral Traffic Kickstarter

Recently there were released many applications that can give you to find & use viral content.

Some of those applications are great, but even the best application can’t help if nobody is actually seeing your vital content post on Groups.

Many people don’t have sufficient audience to read the post,so their posts never go viral.

Group Marketer software allows you to send product promotions and to kickstart your viral traffic by strong push of your viral content to be reached by massive audience.

Create large list with only 3 clicks completely

Facebook Social Network allows you to collect subscriber with two click or two taps from Fan Pages.

But these opt-in forms don’t normally work in facebook groups, Author has figured out how to make it work with three clicks on groups and how to broadcast lead form to massive facebook group audience easy.

Beside, with Group Marketer software you can create large list completely for free.

Author also add training in member area. The course teaches you how to create lead form which allows for three click opt-in form in groups, that could be broadcasted to massive audience.

Sky-rocket your Amazon, Aliexpress, Wallmart, Shopify & all other affiliate program marketing.

When there are great applications, that can create your affiliate websites for Amazon, Aliexpress, Wallmart,  Shopify stores with a few clicks, those websites are pretty much useless without people visiting them.

Group Marketer software permit you to broadcast promotion for your web to massive audience without paying for advertising.

Post Looks Genuine – No Automated Post Stigma

Group Marketer is an automated browser, but it posts messages without the post showing which is an automated post, like it happens with other applications.

Because facebook automation level is now all time high, the automated posts are now frowned upon & increasingly ignored.

On social network as Facebook, people seek interaction, content, & purchase advice from other people, not from website robots.

That why messages showing as posted by applications are now discarded by large & fast increasing percent of Facebook users.

Messages that posted by Group Marketer are transmit without automated post stigma, that why they command much higher attention & interaction than posts from web robots.

Ease of Use & Transmit

Build your message, click start, &d have your promotion transmit to hundreds of facebook groups you join in.

That is how easy it is to transmit marketing messages for your products or affiliate offers to be reached by an audience of dozen of thousands of persons in Facebook groups on a daily.

Normal Group Members Can Post

Ever since Author publish his server based Facebook automation software last time, the single most requested feature from tens of thousands of his users has been the ability to post on groups by members who are not group admins.

Unfortunately it is not possible with server based software

Since most persons don’t have any groups with members, it makes server group posting virtually useless for them.

And there are literally millions of groups on facebook spread among any existing niche

For Entrepreneurs & Marketers

Now Companies & small marketers on Facebook usually participate in a few groups & then post on them from time to time.

With small number of groups it is possible to do this manually, but manual posting to hundreds of groups daily is impossible.

This is why you need to use Group Marketer software.

Access Massive Audience

Group Marketer sofware can replace the outsourced staff of people posting to groups with an automation function.

It gives you access to the same group audience reach as established business with a team.

Transmit To Sale & Any Other Groups

Facebook said that inside Sale Groups you can sell & buy with persons who share your interests.

Facebook also encourage buyers to message sellers after buyers see something they would like, to coordinate purchase.

Recognize that Facebook wants to be a platform for selling & buying, that can eventually replace web as craigslist for that type of activity.

Group Marketer software permit to post on unlimited facebook groups.

It also permit you to organize your groups in broadcast profiles, which allows you to easily send separate promotions matching target audience interest.

you to organize your groups in transmit profiles, that permit you send separate promotions matching target audience interest.

High Tech Application

Group Marketer is a software that automates web browser but it is not a web browser extension.

Author did not want to slow down your normal web browser, or force you to keep it opened, Author has developed Group Marketer as stand alone desktop app with create in fully-fledged internal web browser.

So there is no any Facebook application needed for the software to work.

Save Time

Group Marketer software relieves you from manual task so you can do something else, while software is posting for you.

It is very important that the software for legitimate group post automation to groups, that members are encourage to post too, like sale groups, & all other groups inviting content.

But, please be mindful & always follow particular group rules.

How does it works

You open Group Marketer software, login to your Facebook, build your message, select broadcast profile & click start.

And software starts doing exactly what you would do manually , but without you having to actually do all that manually.

Very Simple and Easy!

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Group MarketerGroup Marketer


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