Fresh Domain Leads Review

Fresh Domain Leads Overview:

Fresh Domain Leads

Date of launch: 29th Dec, 2015

Bonus: Yes, special and high Value Bonus

Vendor : Andrew Darius – ProfitLynk

Price: $47up


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Vendor: Andrew Darius

(Top Vendor in 1st Half 2015)

Andrew Darius,  with many famous products All Have Huge Sales for internet marketing as below:

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What is Fresh Domain Leads

Fresh Domain Leads

Fresh Domain Leads

The problem that vendor & affiliate encounters, is getting fresh leads to sell.
While all methods of having buyers’ leads should be used, there is one way of having the leads which does not involve the need for traffic, but does require combination of tech & legal database to the bulk informations, but it here.

The leads, that don’t require traffic are informations of prospects who have spent amount buying a domain name recently, including before.

Domain name registration info is public by law, so everybody who knows domain name can search whois access themselves.

There are two problems with the public version of system, that makes is virtually impossible to be used like a lead source.

The problem is no method to get the list of freshly registered domain names, which including the domain names registered before.

And, that getting info one by one is extremely time spend. What makes it even worse is the fact that huge  number of domain names are registered through 3rd party privacy services.

Fresh Domain Leads software provides all the registrant info from freshly registered domain names & it filters out domain names registered with 3rd party privacy services to remove clutter.

With this service , it is very important that the lead info is not shared with more than people or otherwise prospect would be overflowed with offers.

That is why, as long as there is enough new domain names registered any given day, Fresh Domain Leads software deliver same lead only to one member, which makes value of lead much higher & prospect much more likely to respond to relevant offer.

Watch Fresh Domain Leads Video:

Price & OTO:

Front End                              PRO or PLATINUM                                   Whitelabel

                $47                                             $47/m – $67/m                                          $97 – $197

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