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ConnectLeads Overview

ConnectLeads, has 5,000+ Sales up to now! No many products has big Sales as this tool.

Use this App And Facebook’s Latest Ads Innovation, You Can Get More Leads while Saving Time and Money.

ConnectLeads is 100% approved by Facebook and there is no limit email subscriber collecting. May be 100; 10,000; 1,000,000 or more!

You can profitably promote products or services like CPA offers, affiliate etc using ConnectLeads. You no need to have your own product. Once you have a subscriber list in a certain niche, you can start marketing many other products or services to your subscribers!



Bonus: Yes, there are 50+ value bonuses

Vendor :Wilco de Kreij, the famous internet marketing Author.

Sale Page:

Network: Dealguardian

Sales: 5,000+

 What is ConnectLeads

This app automatically submits all leads in real-time with any auto-responder, making this tool every FaceBook ads or your business owner.

Facebook has introduced Lead Ads, this function allowing everyone to collect emails subscriber on Facebook with a single tab. But never been simple to use it.

FaceBook required pre-fills information as job titles, company names, relationship statuses etc, making the leads too more valuable than before. This is problem. People can’t connect Facebook Lead Ads to their autoresponders, making the feature almost worthless.

With ConnectLeads, you can resolve this problem.

ConnectLeads gives you an easy to use system to build your email lists automatically on Facebook via its Lead Ad feature.

No need a Facebook ads expert, NO technical experience or special knowledge needed, and no spend to many money! With ConnectLeads, you will have everything you need!

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Who need it

If you are newbie in marketing online

ConnectLeads will proven you to get your Facebook ad campaigns. Maximize mobile traffic for building a solid list of qualified subscribers, with lowest possible cost.

In fact, with one of the exclusive bonuses below, Give you how to slash your lead costs dramatically. 

If you are an experienced internet marketer

You may find yourself getting frustrated by diminishing returns, poor click or open rates and so on.

You also find yourself getting more subscribers for lower cost, thus giving you grow your lists far quicker than other ways! 

If you are a small business owner

You will find yourself getting more potential customers, for far less than you have paid for standard Facebook Ad, Google AdWords and Social Media.

Online promotions, introduce upcoming events and give other incentives to get customers to engage with your business. Your business will getting more leads, referral business, goodwill and big sales


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The features



ConnectLeads resolves this, while maximizing the power of FaceBook Lead Ads, with intelligent automation

Let Facebook’s latest ads pay off for your commerce

By having your auto-responder account, FaceBook Lead Ads synchronized via ConnectLeads, you can increase your subscriber  at lower costs.

Evolve your business to take advantage of newest innovations

ConnectLeads make no mistake, getting quality leads is the life blood to your business.

Making Facebook to pay off for your business is easier

This app provides you work smarter that add your subscriber to your auto-responder manually from a FaceBook Leads Ads campaign.


Let ConnectLeads take your business to high levels

  • If you are newbie in marketing online
  • Also you are an experienced internet marketer
  • If you are small business owner

Get higher quality leads with lower cost

You no need landing pages. You could simple get information from the user directly through FaceBook already has on their database like as Geo place, occupation, interests …

You get even better results

When database  instantly feed subscriber into your funnel, as a result, you get an immediate response.

With marketing on Facebook, this tool puts you on the leading edge


Front End: ConnectLeadsUpsell 1: ConnectAudienceUpsell 2: UpViral
Will be available at 3 options: monthly, yearly and lifetime, of which lifetime option will be most popularAllows to synchronize their auto-responders into FaceBook custom audiences, therefore making email re-targeting application.Is  ultimate viral referral platform responsible for hundreds of thousands of leads and will add ongoing recurring revenue for you


You could Read Sale Page under for more information: 

ConnectLeads Sale Page

Reference Best Sellers Products of Wilco de Kreij

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jcbsproIf you are not completely satisfied, within 30 days, the Vendor will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked

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