100k Factory Revolution Training Successful Selling Products on Shopify

100k Factory Revolution Overview

There are 02 version: 100k Factory Ultra Edition and 100k Factory Revolution. This article, I review about 100k Factory Revolution, this is new version, about selling Physical products on your e-Commerce stores as Shopify with unique method. 

How many times have you tried going to get profit by selling products on Shopify but found yourself bored and uncussessful? 100k Factory Revolution training program will help you to built $100,000 per year income after 02 months without experience! It sounds crazy, right?

All you need is 1 website + 4 hrs/week = 100,000/year in 60 days (or $280/day income in 02 months). It’s right!

You can repeat this process and continue to built up your income!


Bonus: Yes, there are 50+ value bonuses

Vendor : Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton

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This training create blueprint to get your income up to 100k per year with promoting 04 products on your website.


Yes, it’s possible! $100,000 is big number, but:

You only need around 3 sale/day for 01 products, you will get about $70/day/product

You will get 4 products x $70 = $280/day x 365 days = $102,200/year

You agree? With best tool and qualify training, It’s easy and possible!

This training will give you method to get traffic with FaceBook Ads (both paid and free way), Viral your contentcustom data pack run with the special software!

No SEO here, so you get goal quickly!

About website, you will  be learning:

  1. Select products
  2. Check profit
  3. Engage Demographic
  4. Active your Shopping Cart
  5. Initiate Traffice Machine
  6. Optimize conversions
  7. Rinse and Repeat

There are 7 modules in 100k Factory Revolution training 

Module 1 – The 100k Blueprint

  1. You will be leveraging the power of physical products sale no need to big investory oders or have a lot of stock in your store. Using dropshipping products directly from factory country (like China, India…) to your buyer with no money down!
  2. You will be learning how to get low cos ads and get very high conversions
  3. How to have scaled your business from 100k/year to more development

Module 2 – The 100k Comand Center

This feature will help you get income quickly with doashboad that allow you discover high profit products opportunities, active your call to action website, optimize and track your business

Module 3 – The 100k Ignition Packs

Place will give you data and research on 500+ nichies and 1k+ products. I Assure that using this feature, you will save time and easy for your business. There are 4 main functions:

  • An Audience matrix infomation sheet give you interests, catergories and the real target to run FaceBook Advertising.
  • Screenshot with FB target that you can easy apply to setup your ads campaign
  • Demographics with age, gender, place… of products and niches user bases
  • A social media report showing top FB Group and Youtube channel of correlative niche for using your Social Markting campaign 

Module 4 – The 100k Accelerators

Inside this feature, you will get whole set of software Accelerators that designed to make your 100k system run easier and speed up, as details below:

  • 100k builder: fully optimize store
  • FB Audience exploration tool: creat highly targeted FB Group that you will sell your products
  • Ad-Wizard: show you create winning ads easy 
  • 100k Fulfillment Robot: provide you a tool to fulfill order automatically, not do it manually.
  • New and Improved Product Picker: allow you to sort and filter million of products as your requirement and add them automatically to your store

Module 5 – The Secret FaceBook Software

This is advance thing that the Author found, it’s game changing procudts ste to FaceBook marketing, allow student to scales their campaigns quickly and more profitably 

Module 6 – The 100k Operations Hub

This FaceBook Community where user access to the knowledge of 100k Factory Revolution members and live support directly by the Authors and other super sellers.

Module 7 – The 100k Alliance

Alliance is where you will get personal support and technical help by Aidan, Steve and their expert team.


Make money with blog/website alway stable. Many marketers make money by SEO method with their blog or website, it request many time and hard work. 100k Factory Revolution need website but no SEO, so student spent only 4hrs per week, it’s best way! All process automatically with suitbale tools and software. Beside, student will be learing the both way paid and free FaceBook Ads. More import thing, the training time in 02 month, faster than other training course (about 6 months to 12 months) 

Con’s : I think, rather high price 


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The simple & fast way to increase social conversions.

Bonus #2- SOCIAL SIGNALS FOR SEO: $97 Value

To be at the top of results, you need to generate buzz around your content.

Bonus #3 – 50+ NICHE PACKS: $67 Value

Over 50 done for you pre-researched niche packs, that are complete untapped and can generate ranking in the saerch engines FAST for profitable, buyer-intent keywords.

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Bonus #5 – SEO STONE PLUGIN: $67 Value

It’s WordPress plugin that will evaluate your web blog, page, post and others website, including metrics like backlins, social signals, pages indexed, alexe and Goole ranking and much more.


In this 75 minutes audio interview , Dennis Becker, the founder of earn 1k a day, reveals the secrects to membership site success

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Social Multiplier 2.0 If you are not completely satisfied with it, within 120 days of buying this product, the Vendor will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked


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